As it’s been little more than six months since the launch of AML Bridge Estonia, the pilot project that we are running with four of the largest financial institutions in Estonia, it is time that we released our AML Bridge Whitepaper for all to read. For those new to the pilot, Salv, working together with the Estonian banks, is building a decentralised network for sharing AML Intelligence between participants.”

The pilot has been moving forward as planned and we have been regularly giving updates on how the pilot is coming along, the milestones we’ve reached and challenges we’ve faced and overcome. As the pilot is heading into its final stage, we wanted to do an even more in-depth dive into our learnings as well as our experience on how we’re paving the way towards a completely new compliance approach that hopefully will, in the future, greatly improve and streamline the whole sector’s crime-fighting impact.

The whitepaper takes together our experiences and key learnings, where we cover the pilot progress and key milestones, as well as detail the next even more ambitious steps that will follow the pilot. Additionally we also explain in more detail what the benefits and challenges are with AML intelligence sharing and how we think they can be overcome.

The pilot will come to an end after the summer of 2021, as such, an updated version with the pilot’s results and a more thorough analysis, will follow. Check out the whitepaper and let us know your thoughts or feel free to address any specific question to [email protected]

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