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A bit about us at Salv

According to the last government agency study in 2011, less than 1% of money laundering is stopped globally. That’s why our mission at Salv is to “beat financial crime.” Our hope is that, by stopping more money laundering, we can be a small part of ending some of the worst global crimes imaginable — human trafficking, illegal arms trading, animal poaching, child pornography, drug trading, and far too many more.

At Salv, we’re generally a bunch of warm-hearted, down-to-earth humans that are convinced that when you work for a company that aims to make the world a better place, it should hopefully make the world a better place. Though we officially launched late in 2019, we already have customers from 6+ countries.

Many of us, including our founders, are early-stagers from TransferWise and Skype, which might make you think we’re a typical, overworking startup. Surprise! We aren’t. Most of us at Salv learned the hard way in previous companies that overworking just isn’t worth it. If you want to read a bit more about our company culture to see if we’d be the right fit for you, check out these posts from a few of our Salvers:

We like to start with the why. We try to avoid technical, complex jargon when we can. We aim to write in human, light-hearted, positive, easy-to-follow language to make our reader feel like we’re old friends. Whenever possible, we try to find the bright side of things.

And, well, we’re looking for someone to join our team. Depending on who we find and the talents they possess, it might be full-time or part-time. We’re hoping for someone we can find to be a full-timer, but we’re open to both.

A bit about the role

First off, did we mention we’re a startup? Things change, plans pivot, and what’s true today may not be true tomorrow. But we’ll do our best to try to describe what your job might be like here.

If the role is part-time

The workload will depend on the week and could be anywhere from 5-30 hours a week. Your tasks will be writing, re-writing, and copy-editing. Exciting, eh? (Yes, we know it is if you’re a writer!) Stuff like blog posts, web copy, microcopy, wording on presentations and marketing materials, helping make our user manual more human-friendly and readable — regular stuff. Our team at Salv will try their darndest to get you clear assignments with realistic deadlines.

If the role is full-time

We hope you like variety, because what you do will probably entirely depend on the season.

You might:

The sky is the limit, honestly. There’s probably all sorts of abilities you’ll bring that we haven’t even thought of and might become a pivotal part of your job. That’s the fun of working in a startup. You never know what’s next.

For our full-timers we’ll be looking for self-starters who are proactive and look for where they can make the biggest impact, rather than waiting for someone to give them their next assignment. So we hope you aren’t looking to be told what to do, because that won’t really happen.

What we’re looking for

While some companies are looking for people with impressive CVs and a long list of experience, we’ve noticed CVs sometimes mean absolutely nothing. Rather than looking for someone who is good on paper, we want to start with finding someone who can actually do the role well, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof.) That’s why you won’t find any place to put your CV or give us samples of your previous work.

Must haves

How the process will work

It’s possible we might tweak this process, but here’s our best guess how it will go.

  1. Small initial task(s) due midnight, Sunday 25 October. We’ll start with a small assignment to test your writing, visualization, and interviewing skills. (Not all of these skills are necessary, but we were curious if anyone would possess all 3.)
  2. Interviews. On 2 November, we’ll let every candidate know whether they’ll be moving on to the next round or not. Those that do pass, we’ll interview so that you and we can get a feel for whether we’re a good fit or not.
  3. Secondary assignment. We hope to complete all interviews by 9 November. From there, candidates that pass will receive a more extensive assignment that we will pay you for.
  4. Final interviews. And then we’ll select our new Salv storyteller!

So… are you up for it? If your answer is yes, then great! Move on to the next section.

The Initial task(s)

We’re looking for a writer, but most importantly, a storyteller. Someone who is deeply interested in people and telling their stories in language that connects with others on a human level.

Your deadline is Midnight, Sunday 25th of October. Good luck!

Step 1: Watch a Netflix episode

First, watch the Netflix show, “Dirty Money” — Season 1, Episode 4: Cartel Bank. All 3 of the tasks will be based on that.

If you’re not a Netflix user, not to worry. You should be able to sign up for a one month free trial just for this.

Step 2: Do 1-4 of the tasks

Again, we realize that finding someone who possesses all 3 skills is pretty unlikely. So the only assignment that is actually mandatory is the writing portion. But don’t let that deter you from trying your hand at the other assignments — you might pleasantly surprise yourself, and us!

Mandatory: Writing

Write a blog article about the original HSBC money laundering scandal, or the episode in general — basing it around what you learned from the Netflix episode. Your main target audience will be AML (anti-money laundering) investigators who are also frustrated with how little financial crime is caught today. Your “blog” doesn’t have to be long, but you do want it to inspire and interest readers.

Optional: Interview portion

Skip to around 24:00 of the episode to find Everett Stern.

Now, imagine you reach out to Everett and — congrats! — he’s miraculously agreed to a 30-minute video interview with you. You can ask anything you want to find out more about him: what led the bank to this point, what could be done differently in the future, and anything else you find valuable.

Write up the questions you’d ask him if you got the chance, keeping in mind that if you did this in real life, that you’d write up a blog afterwards (no need to actually write it, though) with the info you gathered.

Optional: Visual storytelling
  1. Make a copy of this slide template.
  2. With the slide templates as your base, create 1-4 slides where you tell the story of the HSBC money laundering scandal, or an interesting piece or concept in the story, in whatever way you think is most engaging. (Note: The most important part of the assignment is the concept. You want your audience to quickly understand what you’re communicating visually. It’s more about the story and metaphor and less about perfect design. Cause, in real life, when you need it you’ll thankfully have the help of design.)
Optional: Anything else?

We are a startup, which means it’s great when others have skills we weren’t even thinking of. Maybe that’s you.

Do you have any other storytelling skills or even unrelated skills you think we should know about? Here’s your chance.

Any pressing questions?

Contact [email protected] or give her a call straight away at 5349 5515

Final step: Submission

We made a google form for you to drop in your answers (and presentation, if you do the visual portion). Find that submission form here.

Good luck! Deadline is Sunday, 25 October at midnight.

What do we offer?

Beat financial crime.

You’ll be a part of — hopefully — making the world a better place for everyone.

Incredible team

Our team is full of mission-driven, kind-hearted people who love learning and big challenges. Some who have proven they can make awesome things happen in organizations like TransferWise, Skype, Pipedrive, and more.


You’ll have freedom, but you’ll also have the responsibility that comes with it. You will make — and own — a lot of decisions. You can figure out how to solve customer problems and prioritise in a way that maximises impact.

Remote-friendly work

Although almost all of our team is currently located in Tallinn or Tartu, we often work from other places. Which is part of why you can choose when and where you work, as long as you have an impact on customers and are aligned with the team.

Interesting challenges and learning opportunities

Get ready for a lot of challenges that need tackling. Some of them you’ll have never done before and completely suck at — and that’s okay! Because you’ll learn and grow as a person and a professional. A lot.

Early-stage options

Every member of our team will get options. Of course there are never any guarantees that we’ll succeed. But if we do — and that’s how we’re betting — they could be worth a lot.

Positive chaos

At Salv, you won’t find corporate BS. You won’t find bosses who dictate what to do. And we hope you won’t find boring roles with inflated titles. Salv is just a place where you can make the right things happen.

Oh. And we also pay. ;-)

Want to be part of our team?

If you’re ready to jump into our mission, take on a ton of responsibility, figure out what’s really important, and then build something from MVP to production-ready, then let us know by writing to our Head of People & Operations, Kairi Pauskar at [email protected]

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