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Europe’s First Collaborative Crime-fighting Network Proves Efficient Against App Fraud

Salv knows that it is possible to establish proper control mechanisms against APP fraud: the company’s proprietary collaborative crime-fighting network and platform, Bridge, has been proven to be effective against APP fraud, sanctions, and money laundering…

FATF Report: Partnering in the Fight Against Financial Crime: Data Protection, Technology and Private Sector Information Sharing

The report looks at global anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing and counter-proliferation financing requirements and how responsible private-to-private collaboration can contribute to their effective implementation.

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Fincrime Intelligence Sharing: for Secure Europe-wide Aml, Fraud and Sanctions Data Exchange

The need for secure, fast, and fully compliant fincrime intelligence sharing has never been more pressing…

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AML Bridge Estonia Pilot Stops €3million From Reaching Criminal-controlled Accounts

The banks of Estonia have united under an anti-money laundering (AML) initiative created by regtech startup Salv; together preventing a laundered €3milion from reaching its final destination…

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