Let’s start with a light mental exercise. Think of the last time you had a really exciting investigation on your table. Let’s say you were tackling a huge mule network or rushing to help the victims of the most recent wave of APP fraud or instead facing a business account facilitating transactions to evade the sanctions imposed on Russia. Perhaps you were able to freeze some funds and write up a compelling SAR.

You did amazing work, and hopefully it changed someone’s life for the better (or for worse, if we talk about the criminals). But what if you were able to share this excitement with like-minded, mission-driven investigators from other institutions? What if you could easily amplify the impact of your work by 10x, enabling others to freeze more funds and disrupt criminal networks? What if in your work you would get the same high quality signals from other investigators in the network? What if complex investigations would never be an individual exercise, but a community effort?

Collaboration powered by Salv Bridge

This is the reality of collaboration powered by Salv Bridge. In practice some of our network members have integrated it directly into their investigations tooling. Others are using Salv Bridge’s standalone user interface to quickly and efficiently send and receive collaboration signals.

By now hundreds of FinCrime investigators from financial institutions across Europe have been collaborating with each other using Salv Bridge for close to three years. We believe that the experience and workflows offered by the product form a cornerstone of collaboration. And for this reason the UX of Salv Bridge recently got a significant revamp.

Here is a brief visual glimpse of what we’re talking about:



Improving investigations flow

Recent updates include flexible filters for the Investigations view as well as significant usability upgrade to easily grasp what has been going on within individual investigations.

Another area of enhancement touches upon what we call “Investigation conclusion”. Essentially it is a FinCrime “thumbs up” that allows you to give kudos to fellow crimefighters. At the same time it forms the foundation for tracking quality and impact metrics for your team as well as across the network. e.g. what percentage of investigations initiated by me were considered true positives by the recipient team, what was the amount of funds I was able to recover to the victims of APP fraud in the last week, and other similar important matters.

On top of that we added a brand new shiny dashboarding component clearly highlighting the relevant business metrics for you, your team, and your entire organisation.

Community is at the heart of all we do

At Salv we strive to continuously learn from our community members, and empower them to have the highest possible impact in tackling financial crime. User experience within the product is one the key elements in this effort. In the past years it has been amazing to see how that translates into helping vulnerable customers, protecting the reputation of financial institutions as well as actually making sure the bad guys do not succeed.

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