Our calling

Only 1-2% of global money laundering is detected. As a result, millions of people around the world are cheated out of good lives. It’s time to change that. At Salv, we believe smartly-built tech can finally help the good guys get ahead.

The Problem

What’s the problem?

Despite being 100% compliant, financial institutions are still faced with the growing issue - they still fail to catch the majority of criminals. You can be completely, 100% compliant. You can bring in more and more people to try to make your business safe. But mere compliance is not enough. You know that’s not solving the real problem - How to catch more criminals? How to change the fact that 99% of criminals get away with it? How do you grow the number of criminals identified from 1% to 2%, 5%? How do you stop crime?

We understand banks are trapped. Their hands are tied - constant requirements, regulations, compliance. The old and sleepy technology that needs more people and resources to keep up and running.

We know what you are facing. Scandals throughout the industry, increasing public and investor demand for not just compliance, but a sophisticated analysis of suspicious activities. The sense that it just isn’t enough!

The financial compliance sector needs revolutionising.

The Solution

What’s our solution?

To stop the criminals in their tracks, you need more intelligent, intuitive and effective tools. You need for rapid, meaningful and comprehensive data protection. The only way to catch more criminals is to allow institutions to share information instantly, securely, and compliantly.

Our founders have been financial Crime Fighters for over a decade. Now we’ve built the expert-based crime fighting platform institutions need to combat today’s criminals.

Salv platform is quick, user-friendly and easily integrated into your existing IT environment. You achieve full governance oversight while, importantly, dramatically increasing the efficiency of your compliance and reporting requirements.

You don’t need more people and can actually stop more crime.

Our thoughts

We document our crime-fighting journey on our blog. We publish reflections and thoughts on our path so far, our motivation, the way forward, and what we do daily to help you stop financial crime. Come join the discussion.

Aug 14, 2019 • To build or not to build? That is the AML question.

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