Our mission

Today, millions of people around the world are cheated out of good lives because only around 1-2% of money laundering is detected. It’s time to change that. Salv knows smartly-built tech will finally help the good guys get ahead.

The Problem

What’s the problem?

Just compliance isn’t nearly enough — it only catches 1-2% of global financial crime. And fully compliant banks still make headlines every day for AML scandals.

The real problem is catching more criminals. But how do you increase criminals caught from 1-2% to 3%? 5%? 10%? No one has a plan.

Banks are handcuffed with constantly growing requirements and regulations, leaving them no time to overhaul outdated technology systems or re-think strategies. Hiring more people is often the only known way to keep fighting ever-increasing fires.

We know that to take financial institutions from mere compliance to actual crime fighting needs something more. A revolutionary new way of thinking.

The Solution

What’s our solution?

Our founders have been financial crime fighters for over a decade, so we’ve built the flexible, adaptable, expert-based crime fighting platform that today’s institutions need to combat today’s criminals.

The only way to catch more criminals without hiring loads more people is to allow institutions to share information instantly, securely, and compliantly all within a user-friendly platform that adapts to your company’s needs. Salv is that platform.

Our Thoughts

Our thoughts

From time to time, we blog about our crime-fighting journey — our motivation, our path forward, and what we do to help you stop financial crime. Come join the discussion.

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