Transaction screening? Person screening? We can automate-away a lot of your tedious manual work no matter what screening you’re doing.

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Screening is one of those tasks that can frustrate even the most patient among us. But closing customer and transaction alerts doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side. Let Salv take away a lot of that pain — and keep you ahead of the screening game.


  • Transaction screening. Before you let them through, automatically check transaction references and counterparties against Dow Jones sanctions lists.

  • Customer screening. Businesses, entities, people, you name it — check your customers when they sign up, and then as often as you want, against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists.

  • Auto-resolution rules. Be prepared to be amazed by how much less work your team has after you try our Screening Auto Resolution rules. We’ll automate much of the tedious, repetitive work your team is doing daily. You’ll auto-resolve up to 80% of your current alert workload.


  • Cut down on manual alert-closing. Let our Screening Auto-Resolution rules automate away much of your team’s tedious, repetitive work.

  • Built-in Dow Jones lists. Why patch together — or worse, invest in expensive — lists when you can already access one of the best in Salv?

  • Re-screen automatically. You can set up Salv to re-screen your customers as often as you want.

  • Fine-tune your matches. Tweak your fuzzy matching with entities on lists to be more or less sensitive, depending on your appetite.

  • Screen persons. Screen your customers against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists.

  • Screen transactions. Screen your transaction references and counterparties against sanctions lists.

  • Real-time screening. With our speedy API responses.

  • Easily plug in your existing data. We don’t box you into specific data fields or order, which means you can connect what you already have into our platform much more quickly.

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