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Last updated: 11th of November 2020


We’re Salv Technologies OÜ (‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’) and operate under the name Salv. We’re a company registered in Estonia, EU. From a data protection perspective we fall under the jurisdiction of the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how and why we use your personal data when you visit our website and submit information through our forms and what are your rights to privacy as a data subject.

If you have consented to the usage of cookies, see our Cookie Policy below.

If you have a question about our privacy and cookie policy or want to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO):

Information we process about you

Information you share with us when contacting us

You can contact us in various ways - e.g. through e-mail, through the get in touch options available on our website, or through social media either by directly messaging us or mentioning us in your posts. While doing so, we would see (and therefore process) the personal information you have decided to share with us. Depending on the medium, this information could be for example your email address, your name, job title or anything else you have decided to include in your communications. In case of social media we might also process the public details of your social media profile (such as Facebook profile, Linkedin profile), and the contents of your messages and posts aimed at us.


Our website uses cookies. Some of the cookies are relevant to the functionality of our website, we call them mandatory cookies as without them the website would not work as intended. All other cookies (i.e. the non-mandatory ones) are completely optional for you. This means that in order to use these cookies we would need to gain your permission (consent) first. Here’s the list of mandatory cookies and the cookies you can opt-in for with retention periods and purposes.

Cookie type and description Cookie name Purposes Expires after
Necessary cookies - these cookies make the website usable by enabling basic functions. Without these cookies the website would not function as intended. _cfduid Used by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic. 29 days
Statistics cookies - these cookies help website managers to understand how visitors interact with the website by collecting and reporting anonymous statistics data. This data is used to improve the content of the webpage. _ga Registers a unique anonymous ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 2 years
_gat Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate 1 day
_gid Registers a unique anonymous ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 1 day

Our reasons for using information about you

European data protection laws say that we can only process your personal data if we have an appropriate lawful basis for this. At least one of the following must apply: contractual obligations, legal requirements, legitimate interests, public interest, vital individual interest, or consent. Here we’ll explain which lawful basis we have relied on to process data about you.

The main lawful basis we would rely on when processing your personal data is the legitimate interests. This is because we have a reasonable expectation that you would want to hear back from us once you have reached out to Salv. Although this type of data processing does not require consent being asked from you, you are still eligible to the rights listed below (“Your rights under the GDPR”).

Who we share your data with

How long do we keep your information

Data which data processing activities are covered by the applicable law, will be stored as long as required in the applicable law (e.g. the law in Estonia mandates that we are supposed to retain data on job applicants for a period of 12 months). Other personal data will be kept until the moment we are not able to identify a proper lawful basis to further process the data or whenever you have asked us to stop processing your personal data.

Where we store and send your data

As a rule, we store and process your personal data within the European Economic Area (EEA) which in the GDPR is recognised as the area having satisfactory data protection measures in place. Should we see the need to process your personal data outside the EEA, we will make sure to have the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) or other appropriate data transfer mechanisms in place before doing so.

Your rights under the GDPR

You have a right to:

How to make a complaint

If you are not satisfied with our activities in relation to the GDPR and/or your rights, it is your right to take it up with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.