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From time to time, we blog about our crime-fighting journey—our motivation, our path forward, and what we do to help you stop financial crime. Come join the discussion.


Crack the safe code and win a pair of Apple Airpods Pro

Visit Salv at the Enterprise Estonia 8A180 stand. Crack the safe code and win a pair Apple Airpods Pro. Hints inside!


Lithuania removes information sharing blocks for banks and fintechs

Amendments to the Lithuanian AML law allow banks and fintechs to identify and detect criminal activity through information sharing.


Five ways fintechs can fight APP fraud with information sharing

Is information sharing the key to fighting financial crime? Discover five ways fintechs can combat APP fraud and aid police in catching criminals.


The collaborative investigation experience of Salv Bridge

Salv Bridge for collaborative investigations: community-powered response to APP fraud, money muling, sanctions evasion.


Information sharing: the UK’s best weapon against APP fraud

Collaboration and information sharing effectively detect app fraud in instant payments due to the rapid response time and transparency.


Practical use cases of generative AI in AML compliance

Discover practical uses cases of generative AI in compliance - to produce more accurate rules and reduce false positives, prioritise and review alerts, and m…


Improve fraud detection with real-time transaction monitoring

Real-time transaction monitoring is not just a new fancy term; it can enhance your anti-fraud defences and help stop fraud in instant payments. Discover how.


Salv alternatives & competitors

Salv enhances sanctions screening and fraud risk management through collaboration. Let’s examine Salv alternatives & competitors and what they do differently.


ComplyAdvantage alternatives & competitors

ComplyAdvantage leads the way in perpetual KYC (pKYC) and real-time transaction monitoring. We take a closer look at ComplyAdvantage and potential alternatives.


Strengthening three lines of defence (3LOD) in banking

The three lines of defence (3LOD) model is a crucial tool in banking risk management. Read on to learn how you can strengthen your compliance strategies.


10 Best information sharing tools for financial institutions

Information sharing tools enable real-time detection of fraud through responsible collaboration. Legal frameworks are already in place to make it reality.


Cifas alternatives & competitors

Cifas is the UK’s leading fraud prevention service. Looking for more? Outside of the UK? Learn more about Cifas alternatives including Salv Bridge.


13 Best fraud detection software solutions in 2023

APP fraud remains a growing concern for regulated firms. Learn how to choose the right fraud detection software ahead of the PSR’s mandatory fraud reimbursement


The definitive guide to combating authorised push payment (APP) fraud

APP fraud requires urgent action from UK regulated firms ahead of mandatory fraud reimbursement coming in 2024. Learn how you can recover up to 80% of funds.


Creating our values, part 4: creation and the big reveal

Exploring the journey of creating Salv’s values, from buildup to the final reveal. Our core values underscore every action and decision we take.


Creating our values, part 3: a year of buildup

What would the world miss if Salv didn’t exist? Why should people join Salv? What is the DNA of a Salver?


Creating our values, part 2: how Budapest set the foundation

We built a remote-friendly environment where you can learn and improve, and create the impact that will be deeply felt throughout the company.


It’s time to streamline your RFI process

Let’s end the harmful practice of processing RFIs via email (or multiple customer portals, which can be equally time-consuming).


Interview with Ray Blake: financial crime and cost of compliance

Ray Blake talks about the financial crime landscape in the UK, emerging regulatory changes, and how much it costs firms to stay compliant.


Best KYC software and tools

The right KYC software can be a game changer for your business. What technology, software, and tools can make your life easier this year?


The year of collaborative crime-fighting (in review)

Reflecting on a year of growth and progress at Salv: hear from Taavi Tamkivi about our achievements, industry milestones, and community impact.


Creating our values, part 1: why culture isn’t just a buzzword

The stronger the culture, the less corporate processes a company needs. Our core values guide us in all our decisions.


Augmented compliance: interview with Baptiste Forestier (LinkCy)

Baptiste Forestier, chief compliance officer at LinkCy, on finding the best balance between compliance and business.


The complete guide to sanctions screening

With sanctions screening, you can identify and mitigate sanctions exposure and support your compliance team.


Collaborative crime-fighting celebrates its 1 year anniversary

Enabling collaborative crime-fighting: join Salv Bridge’s journey with Europe’s top banks - 2,750+ cases solved in just one year.


Working at Salv: Kairi, the voice of people

Kairi Pauskar helped build Salv’s unique company culture, and made sure that everyone onboard shares the same values.


Good old startup culture doesn’t last forever – does it?

Companies don’t really change for the better. But Salv’s unique startup culture sets us apart from others. What makes us different?


A guide to effective transaction monitoring

You can turn transaction monitoring into a powerful tool to maintain compliance and fight financial crime. Learn how.


Screening alert search engine: a better way to access alerts

Follow the evolution of our screening alert backlog into a powerful screening alert search engine: search and access alerts like a pro.


What is collaborative crime-fighting?

What unites collaborative crime-fighting and information sharing and how we can use it to tackle financial crime – as an industry.


The 16 biggest fintech events and conferences in Europe in 2023/2024

Some of the biggest fintech events in Europe including Financial Crime 360, Money20/20 Europe, and MoneyLIVE Summit.


Public-private and private-private information sharing to combat financial crime

We look into ways to detect and disrupt financial crime through public-private and private-private information sharing.


What is financial crime?

The most common financial crimes are money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, bribery, and corruption.


Salv Bridge Estonia pilot outcomes

Salv Bridge opens a new chapter in collaborative investigations of fraud, money laundering, and sanctions.


Feature development at Salv: data upload case study

Feature development at Salv: explore a data upload case study for improved product engineering and user experience.


Working at Salv: Stiven, business development wizard

Stiven shares his journey to a career in business development and sales. His philosophy is simple: take action.


The next big trend in AML: counterparty monitoring

Monitoring, detecting, and investigating money laundering and fraud just got easier with counterparty monitoring.


Working at Salv: Artjom, product engineer

What does it mean to work for a startup? Artjom Vassiljev shares his experience of product engineering at Salv.


Top movies and TV shows about money laundering and fraud

We created a list of the top TV shows and movies to advance your knowledge of money laundering and fraud.


Best 15 AML software solutions 2023/2024: a comprehensive review

What software does AML use? Have a look at our selection of top AML software for banks and fintechs.


To hack or not to hack? Security hackathon at Salv

Join us in the security hackathon journey at Salv, where engineers analyse, test, and resolve our product vulnerabilities.


100 million reasons to celebrate – AML Platform’s big 2021

In 2021, our clients chose Salv’s KYC, sanctions screening, transaction monitoring and risk assessment functions.


AML Bridge: celebrating 100 investigative collaborations

Banks report significant loss reduction amid the rising volume of collaborative investigations, thanks to Salv Bridge.


The key to battling FinCrime? Collaboration and speed

Tiina Hiller shares key takeaways from the FinCrime Experts Meetup that Salv hosted jointly with Lithuanian AML Centre of Excellence.


Why haven’t we solved money laundering yet?

Money laundering is a curse of the digital age. Criminals launder an estimated €4tn every year, much of which goes to fund drug trafficking and terrorism.


Salv engineering key principles

Explore Salv’s engineering principles: real problems, customer focus, and continuous improvement in mission-driven work.


Data Protection Day. What does it mean for AML?

GDPR regulation can actively help us meet AML/CFT goals, and our AML Bridge project plays a major part too.


AML Bridge pilot update – December 2020

Salv is building a decentralised network for sharing anti-money laundering (AML) intelligence between the banks.


Best financial crime podcasts to strengthen your AML game

Discover top financial crime podcasts: Dark Money Files, Bribe Swindle or Steal, Financial Crime Matters, The Perfect Scam. Tune in for insights.


Working at Salv: Rando, product engineer

Meet Rando, a product engineer at Salv. Read how Salv’s mission and clear vision helps Rando solve customer issues.


Our biggest customer is fake

We needed a dataset to test real-life transaction monitoring scenarios. Our team of data scientists had to get creative.


Building Salv’s identity, part 3: developing the brand identity

Discover the evolution of our visual identity, how it all came together, and how it helped us to build a memorable and recognisable brand.


Building Salv’s identity, part 2: producing the design

Jaanus Kase talks about visual aspects, including logo design, that helped develop Salv’s unique brand identity.


Building Salv’s identity, part 1: history, mission & name

Our purpose at Salv is to stop financial crime. How did it help us develop our mission and identity?


Working at Salv: Raido, product engineer

Meet Raido Türk, a product engineer at Salv. Read how Salv’s great company culture helps Raido grow and follow his dreams.


5 ways to beat financial criminals at their own game

To stay ahead of financial criminals, we must adjust our technology and stay on track with the mission.


Working towards a mission changes everything

Money laundering is a massive issue. Our dream at Salv is to stop it once and for all. What helps us stay focused on our goals?


Creating the environment we want to work in

Salv’s company culture is built on our mission and values. We fight financial crime to make the world a better place. And we do it together.


Working at Salv: Tarmo, product engineer

Meet Tarmo Kalling, a product engineer at Salv. Read how Salv’s great company culture helps Tarmo achieve new heights in his career.


How AML crises can make our future brighter

How Danske bank scandal strengthened the anti-money laundering (AML) community and what we can learn from it.


Pillar 4: How to measure your compliance effectiveness

Struggling to set your AML metrics, especially when it comes to how effective your compliance is? It’s not as hard as you think. We promise.


There’s a reason you can’t keep up with AML regulations

Increasing regulations doesn’t reduce the number of anti-money laundering (AML) scandals. But we know what does.


Criminals are fast. Your AML must be faster

Technology enables financial criminals to get ahead of the law. How can compliance teams keep up and beat the bad guys?


Pillar 3: How to measure your AML costs

Struggling to set your AML metrics, especially when it comes to how much your AML is costing your business? It’s not as hard as you think. We promise.


Can machine learning save AML?

Machine learning and AI have been hailed as the saviors of anti-money laundering technology. But not so fast. It can be way more dangerous than you’d think.


Pillar 2: How to measure your customer impact

Struggling to set your AML metrics, especially when it comes to how your AML impacts your customers? It’s not as hard as you think. We promise.


Pillar 1: How to measure your crime-fighting effectiveness

Struggling to set your AML metrics, especially when it comes to how well your company actually fights crime? It’s not as hard as you think. We promise.


Why we couldn’t ignore AML

Compliance, at first, sounded both intimidating and dry. But when I began to learn about AML, I discovered it was anything but. And I couldn’t ignore it.


Why you should choose a job that makes a difference

If you’re looking for a startup job, you might be tempted to choose the trendiest company. Instead, opt for one that makes the world a better place for us all.


Building your own AML compliance? This is what you can do differently

Building your own Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance from the ground up isn’t easy. I know, because I’ve done it for a fast-growing global startup.

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We build security to our products and organisation from the start. We use security best practices (incl. ISO 27001, CIS etc.) to ensure that our security management system meets the highest standards.

Salv has an ISO/IEC 27001: 2022 certificate, as well as ISAE 3000 compliant SOC 2 Type 2 report.