Beat financial crime.

New standard in crime fighting –
the all-in-one AML solution for your company.


  • Cut manual sanctions work. Let our screening auto-resolver automate 80% of the tedious, repetitive work your team is doing daily.

  • Third-party FinCrime intelligence. With AML Bridge, communicate with other financial institutions in your network to help cut out criminals abusing your system.

  • Reduce dependencies. Create your rules from scratch in SQL — without depending on another department or Salv.

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Crime-fighting effectiveness

How to measure your crime-fighting effectiveness

If you’ve worked in anti-Fraud, setting your KPIs or measurable goals could feel like a breeze. What about AML…

How to measure your customer impact

How to measure your customer impact

Struggling to set your AML metrics, especially when it comes to how your AML impacts your customers? It’s not as hard…

Can Machine Learning save AML?

Can Machine Learning save AML?

When we talk to potential customers here at Salv, many of them quickly ask about Salv’s machine-learning and AI capabilities….

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