Time to solve financial crime

Spoiler alert: Tough times are coming for financial criminals

World’s 1st real-time fincrime-fighting platform with focus on collaboration

Fight financial crime

Stop criminal money 200x faster by joining the only real-time cross-border information-sharing platform – any financial institution can participate in Salv’s network.

Improve client experience

Your client’s money is blocked? Reduce the impact of compliance checks on clients in real time. Cut the case resolve time from days to hours or minutes.

Get compliance covered

Keep up with AML and GDPR regulations and reduce your company’s risk of non-compliance. Enhance your compliance toolset with information sharing.

Our solutions

Salv’s products are modular and flexible – start with what you need now.

Data enrichment

Core compliance

Intelligence sharing: Salv Bridge

Exchange RFIs (both manual and automated) and share suspicious entities.

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PEP and Sanction Screening

Screen against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists.

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Transaction Monitoring

Monitor transactions and customers, both in real-time and post-event.

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Customer Risk Scoring

Protect your business by identifying higher-risk customers.

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With Salv, you can:

Fight fincrime by sharing information

Exchange RFIs faster than ever

Around 50% of RFIs (request for information) can be automated with Salv. Stop criminal money 200x faster (15 mins vs 48-72 hours). Salv’s automation and speed allows your team to focus on investigating the really complex cases.

Make data-driven decisions

Enhance the quality of investigations by reporting suspicious entities to the Bridge network and querying what others have reported about them.

Cover all your compliance needs

Reduce manual tasks

Salv’s automated, flexible financial crime compliance solutions reduce up to 80% of repetitive manual tasks and cut down the number of false positive alerts.

Pick what you need

Salv’s products are modular – start with the ones you need. Our integration team assists you in integrating tools seamlessly into your existing compliance system.

Client testimonials

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Banks know what the problems are, but Salv worked out how to really solve them. And it’s not just in money laundering and terrorist financing, it’s also been useful in fraud prevention.

OLAVI LEPP, CEO Swedbank Estonia

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With Salv’s risk scoring tool, we can assess and manage customer risk, uncover high-risk patterns, and do so in a short time. As for transaction monitoring, we were able to cut the number of false positives significantly.

Michael Brand, FinCrime Product Manager

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The transparent UI makes Salv’s transaction monitoring convenient and easy to use. It has a clear structure that allows us to add and modify rules using our own criteria.

Paytend Europe

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Specifically, we were looking for better rule implementation, reporting, and integrated customer risk scoring. Salv ticked all the boxes. Using Salv has helped us to significantly improve our team’s efficiency.

Kroo Bank

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That’s us

We distilled our knowledge and experience into financial crime compliance solutions that are flexible and smart, so you stay on the high-growth track and expand your customer base. Four years in, we have customers across 12 European countries and a team of 60+ expert crime-fighters.

About Salv

The founders of Salv: Taavi Tamkivi, Jeff McClelland, and Sergei Rumjantsev

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Our founders built Skype & Wise’s compliance before Salv

Ready to beat financial crime?

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We build security to our products and organisation from the start. We use security best practices (incl. ISO 27001, CIS etc.) to ensure that our security management system meets the highest standards.

Salv has obtained a SSAE 16 compliant SOC 2 Type 1 report and SOC 2 Type 2 report.