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Our mission is to make the world a better place by reducing financial crime. Be part of an early stage startup to skip the corporate BS and slow pace of huge orgs. Feel peace of mind knowing that Salv already has a rock solid founding team who has scaled with early stage startups like TransferWise and Skype before.

Full-stack Product Engineer

What help do we want?

You’ll help us build our SaaS-based anti-money laundering products. But it’s not just about building tech. You’re putting together the very technology that will catch the financial criminals that run rampant in today’s financial systems.

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The kind of engineers that will thrive at Salv:
A sneak peek into our tech stack:
In a magical world, a bunch of these things would be true of you:

What does success look like after 6 months?

You’ve built an end-to-end feature and own it throughout continuous improvement cycles.

You’ve implemented features related to anti-money laundering product like screening, sanctions checks & many others.

What do we offer?

Awesome team

Our team consists of mission-driven, kind people who’ve proven that they can make awesome things happen in organizations like TransferWise, Skype, Pipedrive, Veriff etc.


And the responsibility that comes with it. You can make and own a lot of decisions. You can figure out how to solve customer problems and prioritise in the way that maximises impact.

Remote-friendly work

You can choose when & where your work, as long as you have an impact on customers and are aligned with the team.

Meaningful job

Possibility to make the world a better place for everyone.

Interesting challenges and learning opportunities

There’s going to be a diversity of engineering challenges. Some of them you’ll have never done before and completely suck at. But you’ll learn.

Early-stage options

Every member of our team will get options. No guarantees but if we’ll succeed, they could be worth a lot.

​Positive chaos

No corporate BS, no bosses who say what to do, no boring job descriptions with inflated titles. Just a place where you can make the right things happen.

Oh. And we also pay. ;-)

Want to be part of our team?

If you’re ready to jump into our mission, take on a ton of responsibility, figure out what’s really important, and then build something from MVP to production-ready, then let us know by writing to our CTO, Sergei Rumjantsev or Head of People & Operations, Kairi Pauskar at [email protected]

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About us

Today, only 1-2% of global money laundering is detected. As a result, millions of people around the world are cheated out of good lives. It’s time to change that. At Salv, we believe that smartly-built tech and better knowledge can finally help the good guys get ahead.

We’re definitely a startup. But our founding team has been innovating in the compliance and anti-money laundering sectors of startups like Skype, Microsoft, and TransferWise for 10+ years. We believe we have what it takes to completely revolutionize the financial compliance sector. Without working an ungodly amount of hours.

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