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AML regulations are being added at breakneck speed. So it’s no wonder that 1 in 4 of the world’s 50 largest banks were hit with AML fines last year.

Yet compliance rules aren’t working like we want them to. Our global money laundering interception rate is less than 1%. That’s abysmal. There is a better way.

Transaction monitoring

(KYC) Customer Risk Scoring

Gone are the days where AML tools dictate how you and your team works. Salv’s fully customisable platform is built to put you into the driver’s seat.

Easily create your own risk rules and define specific risk parameters according to your risk appetite.

Salv platform is built to move fast. Automatically and instantly calculate risk scores for each customer and transaction.

All changes are super easy to make and don’t require any engineering power. You can adapt quickly to the changing environment, regulations and business.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Don’t waste your valuable time on clearing mountains of false positive alerts while bad guys get away with crime.

Salv’s scenarios are completely customisable—add, adjust, test, improve quickly. Monitor your transactions on or offline and discover any suspicious connections quickly.

Salv customisable dashboards give you a full visibility of which scenarios are creating alerts, so you can easily put your learning into action and eliminate unnecessary false positives.

Sanctions alerts

Sanctions, PEP & Adverse Media

Salv helps to eliminate the tedious manual work making sanction checks tens of times more efficient.

You can use Salv’s provided list from a reputable provider or import your own to screen individuals and businesses.

Resolving sanctions alerts is made super easy, with all the info you need gathered on one page. Resolve your alters fast, without clicking around.

Ensure a better experience for your customers by letting fewer good ones getting caught up.


Secure data & development

We know how important data security is to financial institutions. Salv’s team is full of financial industry experts with years of experience in compliance and data.

Salv is fully GDPR compliant and is pursuing SOC2 compliance. All data in transport is protected by TLS encryption. Data at rest is encrypted and protected by all modern security methods. Our software developers follow OWASP guidelines. For added security, Salv is able to deploy its software on customer premises.

Skip long setup times—try it now

No need to wait around for months before you can try Salv.

Salv has built an entire ‘synthetic bank’ with millions of active customers and criminal patterns. Which means a financial institution can first test out Salv’s platform before committing to anything. You can try out your own typologies and risk rules. And start catching criminals today.

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