Get back to fighting crime

We’ve been in your shoes. Which is why we built Salv—an anti-money laundering (AML), crimefighting platform for financial companies.

With Salv, you can decrease transaction monitoring and sanctions related false positives by at least 10x and catch far more crime before it happens.

No more unknowns

Reduce AML grind at least 10x

Sick of spending your valuable time on clearing mountains of false positive alerts while bad guys get away with crime? Grow your company—not your headcount.

Salv’s typologies are completely customisable—add, adjust, test, improve quickly. All without engineers.

Salv’s in-flow sanctions resolver lets your good customers add needed information to resolve alerts before transactions are even completed.

All while leaving you with more happy customers, more unhappy criminals, and a team with up to 10x more time to dedicate to stopping actual criminals trying to use your bank.

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Adaptable everything

Gone are the days where AML tools dictate how your team works. Instead, Salv was built to put you in the driver’s seat.

Flexible dashboards and views allow your company to move, show, and hide whatever information you need according to each of your teams’ needs.

Analyst toolbox helps your sharp team put together even sharper typologies. From conception, to testing, to reality, you can put it all together in a few hours. Or minutes. Without IT holding your hand.

Onboard with Salv in <1 month with minimal IT support. Your engineers can focus on growing your business, while you start stopping more crime.

Reduce false positives

Realtime bank2bank data sharing

94% of companies say sharing intelligence is the key to tackling financial crime. But don’t because of the huge risk of data leaks.

Not anymore.

Salv’s realtime bank2bank data sharing platform uses GDPR compliant, cryptographically secure multiparty computation to eliminate data leak risks. Secure datasharing gives institutions the financial puzzle pieces they need to catch more criminals, recover more funds, and protect more good customers.


Secure data & development

We know how important data security is to financial institutions. Salv’s team is full of financial industry experts with years of experience in compliance and data.

Salv is fully GDPR compliant and is pursuing SOC2 compliance. All data in transport is protected by TLS encryption. Data at rest is encrypted and protected by all modern security methods. Our software developers follow OWASP guidelines. For added security, Salv is able to deploy its software on customer premises.

Skip long setup times—try it now

No need to wait around for months before you can try Salv.

Salv has built an entire ‘synthetic bank’ with millions of active customers and criminal patterns. Which means a financial institution can first test out Salv’s platform before committing to anything. You can try out your own typologies and risk rules. And start catching criminals today.

Learn with our sandbox

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Reach out to hear more about Salv and our solutions in person. Get the exclusive Salv sandbox access and start beating crime today. We can’t wait!

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