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Transaction screening? Persons screening? We’ve got whatever you need to screen your customers offline or in real-time as often as you want.

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We can help you set up your first SQL-based scenarios, but from there you’ll have all the tools you need to update, delete, or add as many as you want.

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KYC & Risk Scoring

Translate your risk appetite from a paper document to living, easily changeable risk scoring factors to get an overview of the risk you’re taking on.

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We had a previous tool, but Salv’s is definitely better. It’s easier to use, it’s faster, it’s definitely good value from a price perspective, and functionally, better than what we used before.”


  • AML one-stop shop. Transaction monitoring, sanction screening, and KYC risk scoring all in one platform.

  • Replace your manual tasks. We know how frustrating it is to work off a bunch of Excel sheets you can barely keep track of — so let our platform do the work.

  • Future-proof your AML. Our platform was designed to help you grow from a handful of customers, to hundreds of thousands.

  • Third-party FinCrime intelligence. With AML Bridge, communicate with other financial institutions in your network to help cut out criminals abusing your system.

  • Reduce dependencies. Create your rules from scratch in SQL — without depending on another department or Salv.

  • Cut manual sanctions work. Let our Screening auto-resolver automate 50-70% of the tedious, repetitive work your team is doing daily.

  • Skip the sales talk. No pushy sales folk here — instead, you’ll talk to our financial crime specialists and business advisors every step of the way.

  • Salv is always there to assist you. It’s a drag when vendors stop caring once you’ve signed on the dotted line — which is why, once you’ve signed a contract, our support has only just begun.

Our approach to AML

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