You came here because you’re looking for answers, and so are we, so are we.

Over the next two days at Money 20/20, we’ll be sharing four hints a day to help you crack the safe code and win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro. 🎧

Let’s crack on!

June 4

1️⃣ Find the total APP fraud cases in 2022, according to UK Finance’s Annual Fraud Report.

Enter the last digit.

2️⃣ According to Europol, what percentage of active criminal networks in the EU misuse legal business structures for criminal activities?

Enter the first digit.

3️⃣ By what percentage can you potentially improve the recovery of funds lost to fraud with Salv Bridge?

Enter the first digit.

4️⃣ Calculate the total number of letters in the phrase ‘mandatory fraud reimbursement’.

Enter the last digit.

June 5

1️⃣ The year when Salv Bridge facilitated its first collaborative investigation. Sum of the digits.

2️⃣ Open the ‘Guide to APP fraud’ blog on the Salv website. What is the first number that comes up in the article?

Enter the first digit.

3️⃣ According to the 2023 Financial Crime Market Outlook: UK & Europe, what percentage of money laundering crimes go undetected?

Enter the first digit.

4️⃣  How many followers does Salv have on LinkedIn?

Enter the first digit.

Meet the winners

🥇 Mark Badman from LHV 🥈 Ivan Jaanus from Swapin

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Big thank you to everyone who visited our stand and tried to crack the safe code!

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