Salv’s ‘Closed Shared Know Your Customer (KYC) Utility’ licence, pioneered and granted by Latvia’s State Data Inspectorate, certifies that Salv has exceeded the quality, security, legal, data protection and compliance standards needed to facilitate robust and dependable exchange of client intelligence between financial institutions. By alerting one another when financial crime activity is detected or suspected, financial institutions can mitigate financial crime, reduce financial losses and avoid reputational risk for their firm, clients and other key stakeholders.

Tallinn, Estonia – 6 February 2024: Leading European Regulatory Technology (RegTech) scale-up Salv has broken new ground by becoming the first technology firm in Europe to secure a regulator-awarded licence to operate as a ‘Closed Service KYC Utility’ service provider.

The licence, granted five years after the standards and regulations were established by the Data State Inspectorate of Latvia in 2019, paves the way for financial institutions to collaborate whenever criminal activity is identified or suspected. By alerting their peers when financial crime is detected, firms can take action to limit or prevent it from escalating across the financial services ecosystem.

To become a trusted, licensed supplier of financial services intelligence data exchange services, Salv was required to prove corporate due diligence and demonstrate ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the highest levels of security, data protection and compliance. The licence will enable financial institutions to leverage Salv’s Bridge platform to help combat financial crime.

In 2023, customers of the four largest commercial banks in Latvia were defrauded of funds amounting to €12.7 million, while the amount of prevented cases reached €9.2 million, according to the data compiled by the Financial Industry Association. Also, more than €5.6 million were obtained illegally as a result of investment fraud €5.5 million as a result of telephone fraud, where customers have approved payments from their accounts. Compared to the previous year, 2023 also saw an 84% rise in investment fraud cases reported by financial institutions in Latvia, indicating a rapid rise in financial crime.

“Collaboration between financial institutions is beneficial for all, but it requires confidence in the security of the process and compliance with a range of regulatory requirements before it can be put into practice. We therefore congratulate all those involved for the work they have done to ensure that the opportunity is realised in practice,” commented Laima Letiņa, Advisor to the Finance Latvia Association. “Salv is the first regulatory technology company to meet the high quality standard and has obtained the Closed Shared KYC Utility licence issued by the State Data Inspectorate, which will enable the Latvian financial sector to fight money laundering more effectively.”

According to Bruno Puriņš, Salv Market lead in Latvia: “In securing this licence and exceeding the challenging security and regulatory requirements set by the Latvian Data State Inspectorate, Salv has proven that our solutions are fit for purpose and our organisation is trustworthy and robust. We are proud to have excelled under independent scrutiny. Our success in gaining this licence assures both current and future clients – in the Baltic States and more broadly across Europe – that it is now possible for the financial services community to unite against financial crime.”

Edgars Pastars, Senior Associate at Baltics legal advisory firm ZAB COBALT, said: “The use of collaborative customer intelligence tools to fight financial crime have been discussed globally for many years. Despite its modest stature, Latvia is at the forefront of innovation and has pioneered the development of standards and regulations that have transformed this concept into reality. We are proud to have advised the Latvian authorities and financial institutions during the initial licence creation process in 2019, and subsequently to have supported Salv in their pursuit of securing the licence.”

About Salv

Founded in 2018, Salv is on a mission to combat financial crime, helping its clients prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and financial fraud. Salv was founded by former anti-money laundering experts from Skype and Wise, Taavi Tamkivi and Jeff McClelland, along with Wise’s former software engineer Sergei Rumjantsev. Salv has raised a total of €12.1 million in funding since its inception. Key investors include Passion Capital, G+D Ventures, and ff Venture Capital. The company’s headquarters and development centre are located in Estonia, with employees also based in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, and a subsidiary in Poland.

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We build security to our products and organisation from the start. We use security best practices (incl. ISO 27001, CIS etc.) to ensure that our security management system meets the highest standards.

Salv has an ISO/IEC 27001: 2022 certificate, as well as ISAE 3000 compliant SOC 2 Type 2 report.